2016-2017 Season Announcement

We have INCREDIBLE NEWS for you!

This year, The State Ballet of RI will be performing Herci Marsden's annual Coppelia in December and The Princess & The Pea in March at THE PARK THEATRE in Cranston! 

After closing SBRI’s 56th performing season to outstanding people’s choice reviews and accolades, The State Ballet of Rhode Island looks forward to celebrating season 57!  Not only will you be able see witty and enchanting ballet’s, but also be able to sit in what was at one-time a film & vaudeville house built in 1924 and PARKING IS FREE.

MORE GREAT NEWS!  Because people of all ages are touched by a theatre experience, I am excited to tell you that our Friday 10am show in December and in March, our “Project Ballet in Education performance”, is a PAY WHAT YOU CAN EVENT!  Since 1960, SBRI has held the belief that people need to experience the arts in order to become aware of it and gain an appreciation for it.

On December 2 @ 7:30pm & December 3 @ 1:30pm with a pre-show Tea Party, at The Park Theatre in Cranston, SBRI will perform its holiday tradition- Herci Marsden’s “Coppelia” a story of a dancing doll. Love, like art, embodies passion and whimsicality, wrapped in a messy bow of irrationality. In the comedic ballet, Coppelia, the leading roles of Franz and Swanhilda exemplify the eccentricity of first love as you watch Swanhilda’s fiery jealousy, and sassy attitude in reaction to Franz’s feeble flirtations with the doll in the window. Throw in life-size dancing dolls, a quirky doll maker, and a snowy happily-ever-after and you have yourself a ballet designed for the entertainment of all ages. While older members of the audience may reminisce about the zeal and humor of their first love personified in this dramatic comedy, children will be filled with the wonderment and magic of wooden dolls seemingly coming to life. Therefore, come join The State Ballet of RI for a ballet that will tickle your stomach with laughter, ignite the warmth of young love, and inspire a breath of innocent imagination.

On March 31 & April 1, 2017, The State Ballet of RI welcomes in the spring as they present Phantomgeen ballet suite - The Princess & the Pea, Ballet of the Clowns and Community Collaborations.  In 1987, composer Margaret Buechner published a one-act version of her Ballet Phantomgreen. The world premiere of this work was given on May 12, 1990 by The State Ballet of RI with the original choreography of Herci Mardsen. The libretto of Phantomgreen was adapted by the composer from Hans Christian Anderson's humorous tale “The Princess and the Pea”. 

Additional Scheduled Performances:

October 1, 2016: Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation, State House, Providence. A Celebration of Life Weekend-11th Annual Flames of Hope & Waterfire Event

November 5, 2016: The Museum of Work & Culture, Woonsocket, RI in collaboration with modern abstract artist Paul Cote.